The Pub - The Live and Let Live

The Live and Let Live PubThe Live and Let Live has been a pub since the 18th Century.

The Bow Street Runners, founded in 1749, were a group of men who would solve petty crime for a fee.

Some 200 years ago landowners in Hexton called on their services to combat large scale poaching in the area. They had a tip-off that these petty criminals were discussing their next deed at the public house in Pegsdon. Finding themselves trapped inside by the Bow Street Runners, a compromise was made. With a promise to give up poaching the 'Runners' allowed the criminals to go free. To mark the occasion the landlord changed the name of his establishment to the 'Live and Let Live'.

These days the Live and Let Live still enjoys the magnificent country setting it always did complete with stunning views of the Pegsdon Hills.

The refurbishment, now complete, has transformed the inn into a gorgeous restaurant and cosy bar complete with beautiful en suite accommodation for guests to enjoy and frequent over and over.

Stone floors, wood burning stoves and a contemporary yet traditional interior completes the warm welcome you will receive at the Live and Let Live Country Inn.